Time to screen the compost

We have a three bin composter in the back. To get compost you take it from the oldest bin and screen it into the bin.

Today I also pitchforked the middle bin to the finished bin and the raw compost to the middle bin. It’s always amazing that so much raw material compacts down as much as it does. It’s pleasing how earthy and fresh compost smells. And it’s amazing that something seems unfazed by months of composting. Today I say an apple that still looked half new though it was near the bottom of the pile and probably 10 months old

Project of the Day: Compost Screen

I built a three stage compost bin a couple of years ago. There are three adjoining bins where progressively composted material is stored.

Once material is in the third bin it’s almost ready to use in pots and the garden. Screening the compost removes the big chunks and twigs and creates a really nicely textured soil amendment. I built this compost screen using cedar scraps, hardware cloth and an old plastic bin.

To use it I don gardening gloves and grab handfuls of compost and rub it around the screen. I throw whats left into the woods. It takes about ten minutes to process a bin full of compost.