Portion Estimation and Weight Loss (Gain)

Portion Estimation – the next time you eat one serving do this. In this picture on top I tried my best to estimate one serving. 36g. The bottom is a measured serving by weight. 28g. In this case my estimation is off by 8g or 28%. Over the course of a day that turns a 2000 calorie diet to a 2560 calorie diet. Assuming that I was trying to lose a pound per week by cutting out 500 calories per day this means that on my “diet” I would be eating enough to GAIN a pound every 58 days or about half a pound a month

Does this sound familiar?

Bicycle Helmet Rack from old Shelving

Project of the Day

Bicycle Helmet Rack

I designed this simple rack during yesterday’s run. I’m designing a set of storage units for the bike area. This is a pine and poplar natural lacquer rack. The base board was an old shelving unit. I used my planer to take off the abused surface and to put a 45 degree edge chamfer on it. I cut the pegs using my sled on the table saw with a 3/4 inch rise for the angle.

Note 45-degree edge chamfer

Old Storage Solution #tacky