Emesis 10-Miler

It’s three weeks until The Brooklyn Half Marathon but only one to the Pittsburgh. I ran with the Fleet Feet group training for that. The Full group was running 10 so I ran with them. I felt comfortable enough running 10.5 and that was the longest so far this season. My plan is to follow Higdon with an 11 next week and 12 the next.

Today’s run was downtown with runs over the Smithfield, Fort Pitt, Fort Duquesne and Andy Warhol bridges. It was cold. 35 degrees with a ten mile wind. Fitting enough for the longest coldest winter training season ever. I hope the Pittsburgh people have good weather and not some 80 degree horrorshow.

So if you are reading this and running Pittsburgh, the best of luck.

Project of the Day: Compost Screen

I built a three stage compost bin a couple of years ago. There are three adjoining bins where progressively composted material is stored.

Once material is in the third bin it’s almost ready to use in pots and the garden. Screening the compost removes the big chunks and twigs and creates a really nicely textured soil amendment. I built this compost screen using cedar scraps, hardware cloth and an old plastic bin.

To use it I don gardening gloves and grab handfuls of compost and rub it around the screen. I throw whats left into the woods. It takes about ten minutes to process a bin full of compost.