Nuun Powder

In this blog I describe how I use crushed NUUN tablets as a low weight electrolyte replacement.

The Brooklyn Half this weekend will be humid and that means lots of sweat and possible dehydration and the possible annoying complications of kidney failure and death.

I considered carrying two ten ounce bottles on my hydration belt as I do for training but I don’t want to shlep a pound with me and instead I’m trying something new.

I crushed Nuun tablets and put them in small bags. I plan to drink water. Pour water in the bag and walk 10 feet and then chug and run. I plan to do this at miles 6.2 and 10. I plan to use GU at the start, and then at mile 5 and 9

Brooklyn Half Marathon Taper

Half Marathon Tapir copy copy 2

Finally, it’s the Brooklyn Half Marathon Taper.  The Brooklyn 13.1 is in 12 days so this is kind of a late taper but I went away for the weekend and although I eeked out an 8 mile hike, I felt like I needed to do one more 10+ mile run to feel ready.  I ran on the Montour Trail which is really pretty flat for this area.


But even so, it’s not that far off from the elevation change in the Brooklyn.  It was a pleasant day in the 50’s with cloud cover.  I listened to the music I listen to during the run.  All the songs are chosen for a beats per minute pace that roughly approximates what I try to do in the race.  I also use BeatPacer on my iPhone to further refine the pace.  It really helps especially during the uphills.

So now it’s mostly rest.  I have a 10km training run with either Steel City on Saturday or Fleet Feet on Sunday.  Next week is usually really light with nothing more than 5Km.

Emesis 10-Miler

It’s three weeks until The Brooklyn Half Marathon but only one to the Pittsburgh. I ran with the Fleet Feet group training for that. The Full group was running 10 so I ran with them. I felt comfortable enough running 10.5 and that was the longest so far this season. My plan is to follow Higdon with an 11 next week and 12 the next.

Today’s run was downtown with runs over the Smithfield, Fort Pitt, Fort Duquesne and Andy Warhol bridges. It was cold. 35 degrees with a ten mile wind. Fitting enough for the longest coldest winter training season ever. I hope the Pittsburgh people have good weather and not some 80 degree horrorshow.

So if you are reading this and running Pittsburgh, the best of luck.

Montour Trail 8-mile Run of Ubiquitous Self-Loathing

Yesterday in Pittsburgh it snowed. It might be two months to Summer but all the same it rained, sleeted, and then snowed. I could not handle running in the morning with snow stinging my eyes so I ran 5k after work. Much better.

Today my schedule called for eight miles while my body cried out for donuts and a warm comforter. So, I drove to the Montour Trail, one of the many rails to trails here.

I lied to myself telling myself I would run two miles in one direction and back to the car and then two in the opposite direction and back to the car. I knew if I did that I might be tempted to cut it short. So instead I took the poison pill. I ran 4 miles out. At that point I have no choice but to run or walk back and running is faster

Pace was a leisurely 11:15

I passed the horse farm. And then I noticed that a house has what can either be an observatory or a Nike Nuclear Missile Silo. I never noticed that before.

Happy trails!