Project of the Day- Dyson Vacuum Accessory Caddy

Since we bought our cordless vacuum we’ve stored the accessories in an old shoebox.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

So it was time to upgrade. I designed the caddy to meet these requirements:

  • Could stand alone
  • Could mount on the wall
  • Made of materials I already have

This caddy is made of 3/8 inch plywood with 1 inch poplar dowels. The caddy is held together with glue with some reinforcing brads and the pegs with 1-inch countersunk drywall screws.

It is mounted on the wall with 45 degree french cleats. This allows secure and easy mounting and removal and because I have multiple hangers I can hang it in lots of places. It also can stand.

So when I’m doing the car I can grab the vacuum and the rack and I’m set.

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