Project 33: Summer Season Final List

Project 33 Summer 2018


After honing it down, here is the final version of my wardrobe.  This does not include running/exercise clothes, workshop/gardening clothes, sleeping or lounging clothes (clothes I will not wear outside the house even for shopping or errands), socks, or underwear.  If you total those in the number would at least triple.  The purpose of this exercise was to create a coherent coordinated set of clothing that I could choose from every day.  My goal was to keep the items that I liked best, went best together, were the most versatile and that were the best quality.  There has been one pending casualty.  My blue Nautica Polo shirt has been worn so often and laundered so often that it’s sprung a hole that I fear will not be mended, but I’m going to try.  If not, I have a replacement waiting in the wings.

  1. Brown dress shoes
  2. Black dress shoes
  3. Black sneakers
  4. Hiking shoes
  5. Columbia Rain Jacket
  6. Patagonia shorts – bought this season
  7. Yoga shorts – bought this season
  8. Light Blue Shorts
  9. Belt
  10. Tie (down from 3 ties: I actually don’t wear ties but this is if I need to)
  11. Blue Blazer (also more of an if I need to wear it item)
  12. Jeans
  13. Grey woolen pants
  14. Blue woolen pants
  15. Patagonia Hiking pants – bought this season
  16. White merino tee – bought this season
  17. Grey merino tee – bought this season
  18. Nautica blue polo
  19. Land’s End Black Polo
  20. Land’s end brown polo
  21. Woolrich wool shirt
  22. Sweat Shirt
  23. Patagonia vest – Gift from in-laws
  24. Dress Shirt – I rotate two per week and bring to the cleaners weekly
  25. Dress Shirt
  26. Dress Shirt
  27. Dress Shirt
  28. Nautica shirt – Gift from daughter
  29. Hat – Gift from sister
  30. Grey Merino Midweight Sweater
  31. Umbrella
  32. Sunglasses – 10th Anniversary!  Rayban Wayfarers last forever.
  33. Currently there is no #33 but I can add something.

This made packing for a recent trip easy.  Literally, I took everything minus the work/dress items and put them in my suitcase along with socks, underwear and running clothes.

Again to clarify, I have other clothing for fall and winter in storage and they get rotated out in SEPT and DEC respectively.  I also have spares that will rotate in if something is hopelessly stained or worn out.  Why don’t I just put them into my drawers?  Because it simplifies the process of choosing my clothes and because this is an experiment in voluntary simplicity.  I’m not yet ready to give away everything not in my Project 33 wardrobe.  Also, I have some clothing that I’ve reserved for when I lose weight and need to switch to a smaller size.

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