A more scientific way to estimate calories and lose weight

Over the past 5 days I lost 1.1 pounds. The reason I find this exciting is that I finally developed a rational plan to determine how much I should eat.

First I looked up my resting energy from Apple Health. It averages 1900 calories

Then I subtracted 500 which should give me a weight loss of 1 pound a week. That is 1400 calories per day

Then I look at my active calories on the health app. I add 1/2 the calories it lists. I’ve always found that if I eat back my calories burned I don’t lose weight even if I subtract 500 per day.

For example today I’ve burned 673 so I can add 335. If I want to splurge I make myself walk or run twice the calories it puts me over. This not only lets me splurge without guilt but also makes me think twice about doing it. On Tuesday I had to walk 5 Km to eat an ice cream sandwich

I use Happy Scale to track my weight using the 10-day moving average.

So far it’s been accurate. I don’t mind restraint but restraint without results was demoralizing.

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