Brooklyn Half Marathon Taper

Half Marathon Tapir copy copy 2

Finally, it’s the Brooklyn Half Marathon Taper.  The Brooklyn 13.1 is in 12 days so this is kind of a late taper but I went away for the weekend and although I eeked out an 8 mile hike, I felt like I needed to do one more 10+ mile run to feel ready.  I ran on the Montour Trail which is really pretty flat for this area.


But even so, it’s not that far off from the elevation change in the Brooklyn.  It was a pleasant day in the 50’s with cloud cover.  I listened to the music I listen to during the run.  All the songs are chosen for a beats per minute pace that roughly approximates what I try to do in the race.  I also use BeatPacer on my iPhone to further refine the pace.  It really helps especially during the uphills.

So now it’s mostly rest.  I have a 10km training run with either Steel City on Saturday or Fleet Feet on Sunday.  Next week is usually really light with nothing more than 5Km.

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