Montour Trail 8-mile Run of Ubiquitous Self-Loathing

Yesterday in Pittsburgh it snowed. It might be two months to Summer but all the same it rained, sleeted, and then snowed. I could not handle running in the morning with snow stinging my eyes so I ran 5k after work. Much better.

Today my schedule called for eight miles while my body cried out for donuts and a warm comforter. So, I drove to the Montour Trail, one of the many rails to trails here.

I lied to myself telling myself I would run two miles in one direction and back to the car and then two in the opposite direction and back to the car. I knew if I did that I might be tempted to cut it short. So instead I took the poison pill. I ran 4 miles out. At that point I have no choice but to run or walk back and running is faster

Pace was a leisurely 11:15

I passed the horse farm. And then I noticed that a house has what can either be an observatory or a Nike Nuclear Missile Silo. I never noticed that before.

Happy trails!

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