Race Recap: Martha’s Run – Mt. Lebanon PA

First race of the year is finished.  Martha’s Run 10K is a challenging course, especially for those of us that don’t really excel on hills.  10Km 523 feet of climb (versus 320 for the Brooklyn Half Marathon).

Pace = 10:11/mile

The race was well organized.  I particularly liked that there was no finisher’s medal.  I get why you receive on for the marathon and the half, but anything less seems to be a “participation award.”  I think the experience is what you seek, but to each, his own.  I also don’t take the race shirts anymore.  I wish there was an option to either donate the shirt or the cost of the shirt to charity in every race.

The field was somewhat smaller than expected 115 but there were a lot of quality runners on the course.  I completed 88th and was happy with the run and my time and place.  We started on the track of Mt. Lebanon High School and did three quarters of a turn around it before exiting onto the streets and hills of Mt. Lebanon.  The last mile was downhill and we ended back at the Mt. Lebanon Rec Center.  The gardens were beautiful at this time of year with daffodils and crocus in bloom.  I saw my friends Laura and Myles at their house at Mile 4.

I also caught up with Kristen, who I know from Fleet Feet at the starting line and it’s always nice to see friends.

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