Decrapitation – What’s in your address book Part 2

Address Book

In yesterday’s post I described why and how I deleted my Google Contacts and Apple iCloud Contacts and consolidated all of them into Protonmail.  Decrapitation – What’s in your address book and where is it?

The problem with this immediately became apparent when I found that I had no phone numbers in my iPhone.  At first I simply re-imported all of my contacts into the phone but then I decided to re-delete them and to add phone numbers only as I need them.  I currently have 10 phone numbers.  Anytime I need to add a number my plan is to first enter it into Protonmail’s contacts so that I have one complete database.

My hope is to only have in my phone contacts numbers that I actually use and want.

This illustrates a problem I’ve always had with simplicity.  By trying to simplify things I can make things more complicated.  Is what I’m doing any better than what most people do?  Most people have contacts in personal email, perhaps work email, maybe school email, their mobile phone and maybe the memory on their home phone and perhaps a written phone book.

Again, my intention is to create a smaller and better organized database that minimizes redundancy, maximizes ease of finding information, minimizes privacy/security issues and takes the least amount of time to maintain.

If I wind up with multiple databases, if I lose numbers, if my phone contacts list begins to contain non-working data or people I no longer remember, then I know that this effort has failed.

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