Improving My Easter Egg (Pysanky) Wooden Pedestals


I made Pysanky stands for my family for Easter.  You can see the whole process in this link:

Instructable for Easter Egg Stand

The problem with them was for the larger diameter eggs, the hole was a bit small and that led to egg wobble and in the worst case, eggs tipping over.  The problem was that my largest Forstner bit was 7/8 inch.  I bought a new Irwin 1 1/4″ bit at Rolliers, my local hardware store and rebored the hole in the mahogany base.  I put Tung oil on as a finish.  You can see the finished product and how much more stable it is.

The original Egg Stand


The new Irwin Bit and my vintage Sears Craftsman Drill Press (found at a yard sale for $5)


The re-bored stand unfinished, then with Tung Oil, and finally the finished product.


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