Sauna room project

Several years ago I decided to remodel an old bathroom in the basement into a storage room. The basement had one and a half baths because a prior owner put in a full handicap accessible bathroom. I built three shelves, each of which was 8 feet by 4 feet and I estimate each shelf could easily hold 500 pounds. Unfortunately what happened is that I began to store a lot of unnecessary things. So I decided to give away or discard many of these items and to build a sauna room.

The major steps included the following

  1. Unload the shelves and move the wood for the shop
  2. Demolish the shelves
  3. Patch, prime and paint the walls and doors.
  4. Lay self adhesive tile over the existing tile
  5. Put a shoji screen divider in front of the water heater. The divider was from Amazon
  6. Put plants on the windowsill and floor
  7. Have a dedicated line put onto the wall
  8. Build a sauna from a kit. We got a Healthmate Renew for 2
  9. Put in LED lights behind the screen, put up pictures and decorations.

The pictures below are a before and after.  The slideshow goes over a more complete documentation of the project.

It was a cold day here in Pittsburgh with snow and rain and the Sauna felt great. I look forward to many more sessions




This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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