Decrapitation – What’s in Your Bookmarks?


Bookmarks Picture

Time Required: About 15 minutes
Usefulness: High

I’m in the midst of an ongoing process of physical minimalism and simplification. This includes reducing my wardrobe, tools and possessions by reviewing and donating, recycling or discarding. Today’s project though involved my browser bookmarks.

Most of us know how quickly bookmarks can proliferate and replicate. When you see something on the internet that interests you, you bookmark it and most often those bookmarks are categorized into a miscellaneous or “uncategorized” category. I found that I had many bookmarks to programs I no longer use, like Ringcentral. (I switched from Ringcentral to HelloFax when Ringcentral raised their rates). I had not yet bookmarked HelloFax and would type it into the browser each time I used it. I was able to delete about 10 bookmarks quickly by deleting outdated bookmarks.

Next, I began to delete duplicates. There were a surprising amount because different browsers had labeled them as productivity versus work. Additionally, although they pointed essentially to the same site, such as my email program, they were labeled differently. One was labeled both as “P-Mail” and “Proton Mail”. Deleting duplicates got rid of another 20 or so.

The largest pool of deleted items were sites I was no longer interested in and that amounted to about 30-50 sites. But on the other hand, I re-discovered a dozen or so sites that really were interesting but that I’d forgotten about because the bookmarks became buried and I had not looked at them in months or years.

Finally, it was time to organize things and I made a few major changes in my system.  I went from places like “work” and “home” to functions such as “communication”, “productivity”, “blogs” and “interesting”.  The last category has many subcategories.

But in the end these are the advantages:

  1. My bookmarks are now more useful.  Previously I would not really even look at the bookmarks because they were so cluttered and disorganized and bloated that I could not find anything I really needed.
  2. I deleted items that I don’t use and that were bloat and distraction.  It’s a more simple “zen” approach.
  3. I re-discovered sites that I liked in the past.

So, Dear Readers, what’s in your bookmarks?

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